Kinky is

Kinky is Kinky is using a feather. Perverted is using the whole chicken. Very sound logic, and I completely agree! Now can someone explain to me what one would use the feather for…exactly? Or the chicken for that matter? Some of the weird fetishes out there, and I’m sure I’ve only heard of a few, … Read more

Dumb Guy Meme

Dumb Guy Meme “…and this, children, is why you do not use drugs…” In this dumb guy meme, apparently this guy tried to rob a bank after having paid $500 to a “wizard” to make him invisible. I see the logic, I really do. I’d think about doing the same thing if I could be … Read more

Adolescence Sucks

Can you say adolescence sucks? What is maybe worse is taking that same adolescent angst into adulthood. I know a lot of adults that still act like unhappy teenagers. Yes, adolescence sucks but it’s even worse when one gets older yet still clings to teenage values. Then again, if your self esteem is so low that … Read more