Cannot Believe

He Cannot Believe He just can’t believe, and it’s actually a good thing, because, well, the postman rang only once, but that was enough. He says to the kid, “Son, you remember when I used to swing you gently, like this?” He sways his hips slowly, side to side. Kid of course doesn’t remember, but … Read more

Bieber’s Biggest Fan

Bieber’s Biggest Fan Could this be Bieber’s Biggest Fan? I wouldn’t be surprised. Ok, a little surprised, but not overly. Bet you thought that Bieber’s biggest fan was a young girl, and, well, you may be partially right. Young? No. Girl? Meh. Well, if the large pearls are any indication… maybe? Richard Simmons is actually … Read more

Corporate Valentines Day

Corporate Valentines Day Happy corporate Valentines day! View the whole gallery at Guys, this is just exactly what the hippie, faux liberal, sit to pee, eeeeeee a bug, guns scare me mentality will get you. Wonka bumping uglies on the midnight trampoline with your woman. Swallow that garbage and go with the flow. Man up, … Read more

Sad Sack Valentines Day

Sad Sack Valentines Day Now this, be definition, is a sad sack Valentines day, complete with a pity party! View the whole gallery at Hey, if whatever you’re doing isn’t working out for you, maybe it’s time to try something different? Just saying. Stop chasing? Stop looking in others windows? Hey, here’s a thought, don’t … Read more

Satisfied Valentines Day

Satisfied Valentines Day According to this, a satisfied Valentines Day is  a myth for women. Own it guys, you all are a bunch of love lorn suckers, lolololol! What does she really want? View the whole gallery at That’s right, and unless you can pull off that neat trick, that appreciative smile? Fake. The gratitude? … Read more

Sniff This

Sniff This Would you sniff this? Just a quick whiff. Smell this, dammit! Perfect look for the caption, or perfect caption for the look, the overly attached girlfriend is a classic meme. Apparently she has taken it all in good stride, as has the Brian guy. Hey, maybe they should have children, those two. Meme, … Read more


Kidnapper If this doesn’t look like the most apt and inept kidnapper ever. Kidnapping is nothing to make light of ordinarily, but this guy looks like the type of weirdo that would split hairs as to what he was really up to, and could possibly say something like this. I’m sure this photo was originally … Read more

Bad Luck Brian Killed

Bad Luck Brian Killed Bad Luck Brian Killed. Man, this guy and his luck! People laugh at the kid, now a man, in the Bad Luck Brian memes because, let’s face it, dorkiest picture ever. But more importantly, people find it amusing because Brian is all of us, all the stupid things we all have … Read more

Overly Attached Girl on Breathing

Overly Attached Girl on Breathing What is more frightening, being single, or this? Overly Attached Girl, I think, by a long shot. You’ve seen her around the internet, unless you’ve been living in a hole somewhere. There’s just nothing more scary than being stalked night and day. However, as I understand it, the girl who … Read more