Blonde Valentines

Blonde Valentines Ah yes, even blondes celebrate Valentines Day, so of course there’s a Blonde Valentines meme. Of course for blondes most any day is a day of love. Say, how do Blondes like their eggs the morning after Valentines day? Fertilized. View the whole gallery at So yes, this woman is asking if the pre-dandelion … Read more

IDK Blonde

IDK Blonde IDK Blonde. You know, I have seen things like this a few times in person. Sometimes it’s legitimate, both the blonde question and the brunettes frustration, but sometimes the brunettes get bent for no other reason than they are dealing with what is usually a pretty blonde. Years ago I had to service … Read more

Blonde Brains

Blonde Brains What are blonde brains? Yeah, not touching that question. Ok, what can be said about blonde brains that is politically correct? Not much, but then again I’ve never been much for that PC crap. So, photog, outhouse backdrop? Really?  I’m guessing that this lady just came out from taking a squirt and you’re … Read more

Blonde Brains Zombie

Blonde Brains Zombie Blonde Brains Zombie, but I’m not sure who’d be more offended by this, blondes or zombies. Let’s see, zombies don’t exist, and blondes, well, they’re blondes, sooo… However that does imply that blondes do not have brains, which is entirely untrue. It’s just that sometimes blondes don’t use their brains to the fullest, … Read more

Blonde Collage

Blonde Collage

Did you go to blonde collage? I meant college. What did they teach there? I almost don’t want to know.

Blonde Collage
Blonde Collage

This poorly spelled t-shirt says blonde college, and the fact that it’s on a blonde girl says it all. However not all blondes, men or women, dumb. I know plenty of smart blondes, just that so few dumb blondes give all blondes, or most, a bad name, a poor reputation. Truth is, I too am blonde, and can laugh at blonde jokes just like anyone else. I also do stupid things quite often, but overall I’m not a total dufus, yet I thank God there aren’t cameras following me around documenting all the stupid things I do.
Best part of this picture? How proud she stands.